Plain English Support Agreement

A Contract That Puts You Firmly In Charge, And Us On Our Toes!

Between: Your IT Director Ltd (the supplier)

And: You (the client)

You receive:

  • Your IT problems solved as often as they happen, for a budget-friendly fixed fee per month or year.
  • An engineer will visit your office or remotely take control of your PC or Server(s) to cure your computer headaches.
  • Risk-Free. If you do not wish to continue the service, cancel it at any time to stop the monthly payment, or receive a pro-rata refund for the unused portion of the year.
  • You control the agreement – all we ask is that you complete a standing order. You therefore control the agreement and have the right to invoke the clause at your discretion.
  • Receive “live” support – particularly for urgent problems, we can actually take control of your PC, mouse and keyboard over the Internet so you can see us fixing a problem live. Ideal for those occasions when you have a deadline and simply can’t wait for an engineer to travel to your office.

The small print

  • The support covers “corrective” action. That means we fix things that go wrong. But if you instruct us to do a new piece of work, for example you want a new PC installing, or software installing, we charge a fee for the work. We will either charge a fixed fee or a variable fee at our currently hourly rate.
  • While we love fixing or installing stuff, we do recommend that you consider training as we can’t always answer questions on software. For example, “Can you tell me how to do a mail-merge in Word?” or “I don’t know the formula for averages in Excel?”.
  • We’ll always do our best to help you with any IT question – web-sites, accounts software, telephone systems.
  • But we do recommend that where a separate support agreement is offered – e.g. Sage accounts software support, you take it. While we have a wealth of expertise, we do on occasion need the advice of the creators to effect a fix.
  • Should a piece of hardware fail – e.g. a hard drive or the power supply on a PC, there is no charge for our time to fix it, but we do charge for the replacement component if you do not have a separate warranty.
  • Consumables and printers. If the printer stops “talking” to your PC or network, that’s our problem and we’ll fix it. But we’re not print engineers, so if the mechanics fail, we can recommend a printer specialist to fix it at their current rates.
  • The unknown. You are an important client and like us, you will wish to build a positive and trusting relationship. We set our fees based upon normal usage, but occasionally, a new threat will emerge which will affect you and us – such as a new virus or security threat that circumvents known prevention measures. Or perhaps a disaster recovery incident such as the theft of IT equipment or a fire. All we ask for is reason. If a new threat or incident will cause more than a day of engineering time to rescue you, we will reserve the right to charge for our time beyond that day. However, we don’t want to add to the stress at these times, so we will only charge half our current hourly rate
  • Each year we can reduce or increase the price depending upon the number of hours you use. If we do need to increase it, we will of course talk to you beforehand, and you can ask us anytime how much we have used, and when we do change a price it stays fixed for at least a year.

A VAT invoice will be issued to reflect your annual or monthly payments.